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Is MedicSignal right for you?

Our unique focus is on the individual as a person, rather than simply as a source of potential medical problems. We recognize that there's more to the story than just the technology.

When medical catastrophe strikes….

We feel profound disorientation. Despair. "What do I say to my kids?"  "What do I tell myself?"

It's much worse when you're alone?

“No one knows I’m sick!”


Imagine the isolation. Your world is torn in two. On one side: untroubled people. On, the other side: you.

Determined to live for something

We need each other more than we care to admit: This doesn't apply only to the elderly. Thousands of young men and women suffer despair and seek escape for want of a sense of community; Many in their prime are leaving this world, or suffering from isolation, opioids addiction, or pain. Many die for want of meaning and deep significance in the darkest moments of their life. They know they were born for a reason, but they've lost sight of what it is.

You may know that this same crisis exists in your community.

We at MedicSignal aim to alleviate

despair – for those who crave meaning and a sense of community as well as for those who live alone with a medical condition - We want to create a bond more powerful and sustaining than the phony lightheartedness of social media.

The real social network

MedicSignal creates the social connectivity we really want, We aim to form the right kind of connections, the right number of connections and above all, the truly genuine connections you want to make with others. MedicSignal helps you create personal agency and autonomy by, building your community through social connections.

We eschew social groups that are too invasive or are the wrong type. These only lead you back to a lack of agency, depression and the retreat back to dependency.

In contrast, the right kind of social group – helps you when you need it and connects with on your terms-  This kind of support leads to agency, fulfilment and continue engagement in the world .

MedicSignal gives the wearer the opportunity to simply swipe the watch to let their network know they're okay. It's the only opt-in, dignity-positive, freedom-focused medic alert device on the market.


With your friends and family working together with you as a team, you can achieve independence.

Not an automatic ambulance service


Ambulances are great when you need them. Problem is, they can cause a myriad of problems when they turn up and you don’t.

MedicSignal is the only medic alert watch which ensures that an ambulance is called, when an ambulance is required.

Other traditional Medic Alert services, which use existing infrastructure, hand control to whatever policies are in place for the emergency service called. As a result, even if you raise an alert that turns out to be a false alarm, an ambulance may arrive - along with the associated costs.

Even people with excellent medical coverage can find that hospital stays, even very brief ones, can cost tens of thousands of dollars in uncovered expenses. The median charge for just one visit to an emergency room is well over a thousand dollars. It is easy to see how false alarms can escalate costs. Litigation can result in unwanted interventions and institutionalisation. It's little wonder that most American families are one major illness away from financial ruin and medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the US.

MedicSignal avoids bureaucracy and keeps the power in your hands. It does so, by using a distributed network of family and friends, each of whom know and understand you and your wishes in an emergency.

MedicSignal gives the wearer the opportunity to simply swipe the watch to let their network know they're okay. It's the only opt-in, dignity-positive, freedom-focused medic alert device on the market

Go on,

…dish about your “medical tragedy”...


Community is forged through connections, made by sharing information about one another. What happens when the wrong information enters the public sphere? All too easily, someone shares personal medical information in a spirit of caring and goodwill, and that information ends up in the wrong hands. Stigma and reputational damage result.

The services that send an ambulance to every alert, also send a glaring public message to your neighbours that you're in crisis.

We are passionate about ensuring that you know exactly who sees your private medical information and under what circumstances.